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Need a video product created? A commercial? A social media advertisement? Something else? Work with our team to get the best product out there.

Over Coffee Films is a film production company based out of Spokane, Washington, and we are committed to offering high quality audio and visual products to our clients. We have experience shooting a wide range of products for our customers, including social media advertisements, standard commercials, short film projects, music videos, and more. Below is a short list of products that we offer, and if you are interested in our work, consider requesting a quote for your project through our Contact Form.


Services We Offer



For video production services, it all starts with the camera and the people behind it. We have cinema-quality equipment and experience shooting in various forms, from commercials, product demos, music videos, short films, and more.


Script Writing

To make a video product effectively reach an audience, the writing must be top notch. We have experience writing for many types of clients, and are capable of humorous, rhetorical, convincing, and concise scripts for filming.


No film project is complete without effective, stylish, and polished editing. We offer top quality sound and video editing with the most professional software in the industry, and our experience and methods will provide excellent coloration, continuity, and completion to your project.

Social Media Advertisements

In this age of social media, small, medium, and large sized businesses based our of Spokane are able to target ads more effectively and strategically through sponsored ads in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. than through classic television, newspaper, radio, and magazine advertisements. Plus, if a company has already established themselves on social media outlets, there is a natural and free fan-base waiting for information dissemination. An excellent social media commercial or video, if well-produced and marketed, can go viral and greatly increase visibility to your company.

Over Coffee Films is able to work with companies to create polished, professional, and economical audio and visual products for Spokane and Northeastern Washington based companies. We can help you realize your company’s need to push products and services to your customers, and with our excellent production quality, your videos and commercials will bring great credibility to your company. We have experience with serious and polished product videos as well as humorous commercials that customers are more likely to share on their social media pages. If you’re interested in a quote for a social media video or commercial, consider filling out a description through our Contact Form.

Music Videos

Spokane is a burgeoning musical city, and in this age of indie musicians, it’s important for bands and solo artists to be able to promote their work in chic and exciting ways. Creating a music video for a single on a new album and promoting it to your fanbase can create a viral effect and increase sales of your albums exponentially.

With our excellent production quality and editing skills, Over Coffee Films can help you create the music video you’ve dreamed of at affordable prices. Image is everything in today’s entertainment industry, so why not try a proven company with excellent equipment, experience, and skill to bring your music video to life? If you’re interested in a quote for a music video, consider filling out a description through our Contact Form.

Business Training Videos

There are a wealth of excellent small businesses in Spokane, and every business needs effective, professional, and enticing training material. Over Coffee Films can help develop training videos for your incoming employees to learn how your business works efficiently. Many businesses overlook the need for top notch training videos, but they do so at their own peril because a disengaged and bored employee equals an untrained employee.

We can make your videos look, sound, and feel professional because of our top notch equipment, software, and experience. If you’re interested in a quote for a business training video, consider filling out a description through our Contact Form.

Other Video Productions

You may be interested in getting a short film made or creating a standard television commercial for local Spokane TV stations, or perhaps you have an idea for a film production that we haven’t listed here in our services page. We are open to all types of projects. Tell us what you’re interested in doing through our Contact Form, and we will get back to you with our ideas and a rough estimation of cost.

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