The Problem of Marketing in 2016

As Over Coffee Films begins to move toward the commercial realm of filmmaking to pair with its artistic wing, I’ve found myself examining the sorts of videos that companies have featured on their websites and social media accounts. It was a surprise to me that many big-name Spokane businesses, despite their mammoth social media presences, featured only what looked like unsteady smartphone camera footage on their social media pages and websites.

This blows me away. I also rarely saw social media marketing and advertisements being taken advantage of, but here’s the thing … standard TV advertising is going the way of the newspaper, the mullet, the dodo, and the dinosaur. TV viewership is down and dropping precipitously as more and more people cut the cord, and I don’t think there’s any coming back.

The Solution? Social Media Advertisements

So, how do companies reach a new audience? Well, targeted social media advertisements seem like the way of the future. Let’s take facebook as an example. In 2016, there are over 1.6 billion active facebook users in the world. Think about that. No channel on TV has that sort of pull. But you may be thinking that creating a facebook ad is like throwing out a post into the ether, but the reality is, facebook allows you to target your ad to locations, interests, and more. So, only people who would be good customers for you would see your advertisement. And the thing is, the ads are cheap. For five dollars, an ad can get a great number of targeted viewers to your product. And nearly every social media platform has a system like this.

This is the beauty: social media targeted ads, when done smartly, are a great equalizer. Finally, a mom and pop shop can compete locally with a national conglomerate because the two are not vying or bidding for TV time.

Make Your Company’s Social Media Ads Look Professional

So, you can see that social media ads can help get customers to your product, but how are you going to present your product? You going to show some shaky footage of a sneaker, a sandwich, a beer, or some other widget shot with a smartphone with lackluster sound recording? No. You want to look professional. This is where we come in. We can make your products look their best. We can show the sizzle of the steak in 4K resolution shot on a RED camera. We can capture that lovely sound of a beer pouring into a glass in slow motion that’ll make customers say, “Oh! I want that.”

Spokane. We have some great businesses, but we need to up our advertising game. Get the best video and audio for your project at a very reasonable price and put yourself a step above your competitors.

If you’re intrigued and would like to know about our social media ad video production service, Contact Us.

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