The day has finally arrived. “Shovel,” a music video by Stevie Lynne and shot by Over Coffee Films is now live and watchable. “Shovel” is Over Coffee Films first foray into music videos, and we feel as if this project was a great success.

If you’re not yet familiar with Stevie Lynne and her music, watch this video. You’ll love it. The narrative is moving and powerful, and the music and the short film associated fit together like a glove. You can find Stevie Lynne’s music on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Google Music, Spotify, and other platforms.

Now that we have created this music video, Over Coffee Films is ready to begin working with other musicians in the Spokane area to bring their music to video. If you know anyone that is in a band or has been looking for quality music video production, have them contact us. We would love to work with them.

Below is the music video for “Shovel.” Let us know what you think.

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