What a weekend it was for Stevie Lynne and Over Coffee Films! We just finished shooting two more very long days for the music video for “Shovel,” off of the album Liars. Stevie Lynne really committed to the role, getting pretty beat up in the process, and the footage reflects it!

It was a beautiful night to film out at Lake Roosevelt, with temps hovering around 50 and clear skies. It did get a little cold towards the end of the night when Stevie had to spend some time in a hole (to advance the story of the video, of course) but she handled it all like a professional.

After getting back to Spokane late Saturday night we had some down time before filming the next part of the music video on Sunday. We filmed this part in our makeshift interrogation room, with the help of actor Jax Russell, and Stevie’s fellow bandmate Alyssa Prime playing detectives. Special thanks to Ambrosia McMahan for her makeup and hair work this weekend, Ambrosia is a true artist and it shows in her work.

We only have a few more scenes to film and then it’s off to editing to complete the music video for “Shovel,” and if you haven’t had a chance to hear the track, it’s available on iTunes, Spotify, and for sale digitally on www.stevielynnesings.com.

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