Recently, Over Coffee Films has had the pleasure of working with a number of local Spokane nonprofit organizations, including Embrace Washington and, most recently, the Spokane HOPE School (Hearing-Oral Program of Excellence).

Today, we were able to put out the second video of a social media campaign for Spokane HOPE School. If you’d like to see our work, you can see the second of our campaign from their Facebook page here:

Spokane HOPE is a noble and fantastic organization for the hearing-impaired children of the Spokane community, and as with all nonprofits, they need the help of the community to keep offering such stellar services to those that need our help!

Please consider donating to this excellent organization, but if you cannot, consider following them on their Facebook page here: Spokane Hope’s Facebook Page. And once following, please consider sharing the good news and exciting opportunities that this wonderful school for the hearing impaired offers.

Let’s take care of our Spokane community and think first of the neediest among us. Thank you for watching!

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