Hello Over Coffee Films fans!

As we build up our portfolio and produce a variety of different types of projects, we need to continue to increase our talent base. Since we are based in Spokane, Washington, we are looking mainly for local actors and actresses of all shapes, sizes, styles, ages, etc.

To be able to have the flexibility to produce the types of movies we’d like to pursue, we need some comedians, some dramatic actors, some people capable of zany or psychologically disturbed roles, and, personally, I’d like to hear from some Shakespearean actors.

Also, we need people interested in playing bit parts or being an extra in movies. For those curious about the film world, it’s a great way to get a foot into the door of the acting industry.

So, if this interests you. If you would like to be added to a talent list that we may reach out to for roles in film and commercial work, please email us your information and perhaps a link to some of your past work through our contact form.

And if you know someone else who might be right for this opportunity, please consider sharing this post. Thanks.

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