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It’s a phrase I know I’ve uttered a few times, and every time I do I end up regretting it. Why? Because its always easier to get good sound the first time than it is to fix it afterword. And it takes way less time in the long run. I have two projects I’m working on: one has pristine audio and one, well, requires a little more love, and the majority of my time in post production has been spent on the second one.

There are some very powerful tools out there designed to help with this process, but when making drastic changes to audio at the base level there are going to be some artifacts left behind, which may end up sounding worse that the problem you were trying to fix.

My go to tools for audio repair are a good multi-band compressor, a parametric equalizer, and if all else fails, the RX suite from Izotope audio is an incredibly powerful audio restoration tool. And most of the time this combination is enough to remove or modify any problem audio without too many negative effects to the source audio itself. However, better than any of that is just getting the recording right the first time. Plus, cleanly recorded audio gives you so many more options when it comes to editing the audio for a specific effect as opposed to editing audio for restoration purposes.

So do whatever it takes to get good audio in the field, and if it’s stupid but it works, its not stupid, because relying on fixing it in the mix will add more time and headache than most projects are worth.

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