Tonight, at 7:00PM, Over Coffee Films will be airing a short film and competing with other teams at the 50 Hour Slam! This is our first time taking part in this excellent tradition, and we are pleased to take part in Spokane’s burgeoning artistic community!

The short film we entered is a comedy titled “The Bad Penny.” This film was directorial debut for our great cinematographer, Ben Boldt, and it stars Jax Russell, Dahveed Bullis, and Laura Vanderlind. Jared Thompson ran the sound on the shoot, and the screenplay was penned by our head writer, Adam Nannini.

We are excited to see the response to our film, and we hope that our fans (The Coffee Nuts) come out and support us in our first foray in the 50 Hour Slam! It’s not too late to get tickets! If you are interested, you can find out more information at the 50 Hour Slam Website!

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