On February 12th, the Over Coffee Films crew assembled to shoot a short presentation for Fostering Washington. This short but effective piece will be used on their Facebook page and for general recruiting purposes.

It was another great opportunity for us as a company to assemble, share, and connect, but most importantly, to graciously work on a project that means so much to us as a group. We continually gravitate towards projects that can entertaining while being sympathetically motivated. These kids need a chance in life! Hopefully we are able to shine a beacon of light in that direction.

It is always great getting together to work with the team and cast members from previous projects. Wendy Carroll and Daniel McKeever are a joy to work with and always bring a true sense of professionalism to the project. Cheers to both of you! And a very special Thank You to Brian Crane who courageously stepped up in his first “on screen role”. You did a top notch job little man!

Keep your eyes out for the project coming out soon!

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