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Over Coffee Films is a Spokane, Washington film production company that started in January of 2016, and we have experience in commercials, social media advertisements and videos, music videos, and more.

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Video Production Services

If you are a Spokane or Eastern Washington based company and need some video content created, Over Coffee Films is the company for you. We’ve created product demos, humorous commercials, and social media ads for viral marketing.

Our Services

HOPE School Case Study

Over Coffee Films recently had the opportunity to create a Social Media Commercial Campaign for the HOPE School of Spokane. After a time, we have been able to track and put down the positive effects our work has done for their outreach.

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Social Media Advertising

The way organizations reach their audience has changed. There are 2.1 billion people using social networks, and companies need to find ways to reach this massive and growing audience. Let us help you create high-quality video content.

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

Advertising has changed. Targeted social media advertisements are the new, efficient way to build your business, and Over Coffee Films will work with you to provide high-quality video content to your social media feeds.

Professional Technology

Customers today have a discerning eye, and it takes high-quality and high-definition imagery and sound to reach them effectively. Over Coffee Films has the top of the line equipment and software to make your videos cinema quality.



To get the video product you dream, you must be able to work with a production company that can both communicate clearly and listen attentively on scripting, sound design, direction, and goals for your product.

News & Updates

Over Coffee at the 50 Hour Slam!

Tonight, at 7:00PM, Over Coffee Films will be airing a short film and competing with other teams at the 50 Hour Slam! This is our first time taking part in this excellent tradition, and we are pleased to take part in Spokane’s burgeoning artistic community! The... read more

New Short Piece Coming Soon!

On February 12th, the Over Coffee Films crew assembled to shoot a short presentation for Fostering Washington. This short but effective piece will be used on their Facebook page and for general recruiting purposes. It was another great opportunity for us as a company... read more

Our Most Recent Work with Spokane HOPE!

Recently, Over Coffee Films has had the pleasure of working with local Spokane nonprofit organizations. Here is the second of a social media commercial campaign for Spokane HOPE School! Give it a watch!

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